Project Type: Internal Signs

Dragon Lounge

Empire Casino, Leicester Square

2020 The Year of The Rat. Contour cut digital prints on removable vinyl applied to desk fronts at Empire Casino, Leicester Square, in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations. #EmpireCasino #TheCasinoLsq #ContourCutPrints #Design #Signs #GranthamsSigns Read More

Zell Simulation Suite 1 Web

ZELL Simulation Suite

The ZELL Simulation Suite has already received praise for the transformation prior to the opening on Wednesday 3rd July. Read More

Fortitude Fitness

This job, for Fortitude Fitness has been installed this week. The main feature of this job is the logo of the gymnasium applied to the wall in vinyl graphics. This job also involves a banner showing the directions, contact details and facilities of the gym. Read More